Episode 1 - If That Were A Bear, It'd All Be OverEdit


Ayumu talking to Kazuma while waiting for the bus to Yorozuyo Inn


Ui explaining why her homemade muffins taste cheesy.

Ayumu and Kazuma move to Yorozuyo Inn in the countryside.

Episode 2 - It Shouldn't Taste Like CheeseEdit

Kazuma and Ayumu hang out with their new friends after being toured around town.

Episode 3 - Acorns Hurt More Than You ThinkEdit


Koyori shouting at Kazuma from up a tree.

Kazuma meets Koyori, one of his guide's little sisters.

Episode 4 - Met with a bear and had a chatEdit


Kazuma meets Hina for the first time.

Kazuma meets one of his seniors, Hina Sakai.

Episode 5 - Red Bean Soup And Eel And Wedding DressEdit


Admiration for competitors in the Hikonan Race

Kazuma takes part in the Hikonan Race with Ayumu cheering him on.

Episode 6 - When the Bucket DropsEdit


Everyone eating at Yorozuyo Inn after a long study session.

The group have a long study session to revise for the final exams.

Episode 7 - The Pink NyanboboEdit


The group prepare for a trip to Honchou, a big city.

Everyone heads down to the big city Henchou to take their minds off of their exam results.

Episode 8 - Butt in with OO (blank)!Edit


The group spend a day at the beach!

The group take off for the beach!

Episode 9 - Yellow Jackets Are DiuranaiEdit


Hina's father and Kazuma having a tug-of-war

Hina runs away from home.

Episode 10 - A Ring, Floating...Edit


Kasane, Daigo and Koyori spying on Modoka and Kazuma's 'date'

Daigo, Kasane and Koyori set Madoka and Kazuma up on a date.

Episode 11 - Wet From The RainEdit


Ibuki persuading Kazuma to take her to Honchou, after she missed the previous trip due to her archery club.

Ibuki and Kazuma go to Henchou, as Ibuki could not make the last trip.

Episode 12 - A Starry Bridge in the Night SkyEdit

The Yamabiko Festival takes place, and Kazuma and Ui confess to each other.


Kazuma and Ui kiss under the starry night sky <3