Koyori is another main character in A Bridge To The Starry Skies.

Koyori toudou

Koyori Toudou

Toudou-chan is first introduced when Kazuma Hoshino meets Modoka and 'makes her cry'. Koyori starts pelting acorns at him for a punishment. Before this, Kazuma had seen Koyri once or twice spying on him, so he is a bit suspicious of her at first.

Koyori's two sisters, Tsumugi and Kasane, are Kazuma and Ayumu's school guides.


Koyori very active and strong. She loves to help people, and her catchphrase is "If someone needs your help, you give it to them!". She is very strong-willed and kind, and goes out of her way to please everyone to her great satisfaction.

Voice ActressEdit

Koyori Toudou is voiced by Ookubo Aiko.


Koyori has mint-green shoulder-length hair tied back into two small buns either side of her head with dark green ribbons. Her eyes are brown and she is usually seen in her school uniform, a peachy coloured shirt with a brown tie, red skirt and brown knee-lhigh long brown socks.



Tsumugi Toudou: Her opposite older sister, Tsumugi is calm, gentle and works part-time and Yorozuyo Inn.

Kasane Toudou: The ears of Yamabiko. Kasane is Koyori's sister who has all the gossip and pictures.

Keita Yamakawa: The impression is given that Keita is part of Koyori's family, but it is never stated. Koyori visits Keita in hospital (he is soon to have an operation) and tells him she will make him happy by winning the Hikonan Race, which she does.

Gengoro Kamakawa: Also known as Grandpa Gen, the impression is given that he is Koyori's grandfather.


Koyori does not have a love relationship, though in the Hikonan Race she has to wear the bridal costume, and Kazuma has the groom's costume. Kazuma carries Koyori to the finish line when she sprains her ankle.


Kazuma Hoshino: Koyori and Kazuma meet when Koyori appears in a tree (after apparently stalking him for a few days) and starts to pleting acorns at him for 'making Modoka cry', which he didn't. Koyori teases Kazuma a lot, and in the Hikonan Race, Koyori sprains her ankle so Kazuma carries her to the finish line, where she wins first place.

Ui Nakatsugawa: Koyori's sister Tsumugi's friend from school.

Ibuki Hinata: Another friend of Tsumugi's through school.

Madoka Koumoto: A very shy girl who works at the shrine. Koyori and Madoka know each other through school friends.

Hina Sakai: A senior high student in Tsumugi's year at school.

Ayumu Hoshino: Kazuma Hoshino's little brother.

Daigo Minamikokubaru: Kazuma's (apparently only) male friend. Koyori knows Daigo via Kazuma and other school friends and her sister Tsumugi.

Senka Yorozu: The manager of Yorozuyo Inn.