Ibuki is Uicchi Nakatsugawa's best friend, and another main character in A Bridge To The Starry Skies.

Ibuki hinata

Ibuki Hinata

Ibuki is first seen when Kazuma Hoshino slips and falls into Ui in the mountains and accidentally kisses her. Ibuki shows up and sees, then spreads the rumour around the school. This causes a sometimes tricky relationship between Kazuma and Ibuki, but they work it out eventually.


Ibuki is often quiet but very strong physically and mentally. She is in the archery club and her grades are high, and she is protective of her best friend Ui. She is easily disturbed (like when Kazuma told her sharing a bottle would be like an indirect kiss) and often reacts by kicking or other physical pain-inflicting moves.

Voice ActorEdit

In the anime, Ibuki Hinata is played by Ringo Aoba.


Ibuki has short white hair and usually wears a black headband which comes out in bows above her ears, with little golden bells. She has dark indigo-grey eyes and is normally in her PE kit or school uniform. On days out, she wears her own t-shirt and skirt.



Mother: Akiko Kawase voices Ibuki's mother in episode 11, but she never shown on screen.


Ibuki does not have a love life in the anime, but in episode 11 after she goes to Honchou with Kazuma she asks him if he wants to just go out. She then claims that she was joking, but she did seem slightly quiet and subdued afterwards.


Ui Nakatsugawa: Ibuki's closest friend since childhood. Ibuki is often like an older sister to childish Ui, and is quite protective of her. They often go to a viewing platform to scream out their worries like 'Our teacher's an IDIOT!'

Madoka Koumoto: A very shy girl who works at Yamabiko's shrine. She knows Ibuki from school.

Hina Sakai: A tall senior girl. She is the daughter of the family that run Yamabiko's wine shop. Hina is very very popular in school, admired by almost everyone. She likes to talk to cute inanimate objects when no-one's around.

Tsumugi Toudou: Koyori's opposite big sister. Tsumugi is calm and gentle, a senior student who works part-time at Yorozuyo.

Koyori Toudou: Kasane and Tsumugi's sister. She always tried to help people and is furious when she hears Ibuki's rumours about Kazuma pushing Ui over in the moutains.

Kasane Toudou: Tsumugi's little sister. She is known for being 'The Ears Of Yamabiko', the one with all the gossip.

Ayumu Hoshino: Ayumu is Ibuki's friend Kazuma's little brother.

Daigo Minamikokubaru: A friend in Ibuki's class

Senka Yorozu: The manager of Yorozuyo Inn.


Ibuki-chan - Ui

Robin Hood - Archery Club. This is also her common school nickname, because she is so good at archery.

Robin Mask - Daigo when he forgot Ibuki's common school nickname.