The Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi girls (without Kasane)

Used in the animeEdit

-chan: Using 'chan' on the end of someone's name means that you are friendly with them. However, it is only used with girl's names and pets, in some occasions small children.

It is also used to address a younger member of your family sometimes.

-san: This is the most common honorific, and means Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Sir etc. It is polite to use but not too formal.

-kun: Used to address boys you're familier or friendly with. For example, Ui calls Kazuma Kazu-kun because they are friends.

Bro: This is not an actual Japanese honorific, just a friendship term used by Daigo in this anime. You may also find it used elsewhere.

-senpai: This is used when addressing your seniors at school or work. Kazuma calls Hina Sakai-senpai because he is in a younger year to her.

(blank): Usually, this is used amongst family members, but very close friends also use it. You would normally need to have the person's permission to not use a honorific after their name, because if you don't it can sometimes be offensive.

Used elsewhereEdit

-sama: shows respect and honour

-kurai: the opposite of '-senpai'. It's used by seniors to address juniors at work or school.

-sensei: the Japanese for 'teacher'. It is also used to address professionals, such as artists, writers or role models.

-dono: shows 100% respect and honour. If you like, the next level up from '-sama'

Purposely Mispronounced Versions of -chanEdit





All used mainly by female teenagers to make themselves sound cuter